Ok, we’ve got a life to live, right?!

von sarah.mwende

Ok, we’ve got a life to live, right?!

But is it a gift of life to be always on the sunny side? Or is it also a moral duty?

I do not really know.

I think no one knows.

But what I deeply feel is what I believe in. And that’s my story.

Talking about KIDS in poverty comes always to a specific situation about understanding.

If people do understand how it is to live without any rights, any human rights, any access to care for your needs such as toilette and clean water they are really close to catch on about real poverty.

Because poverty doesn’t mean to have no money it rather means being totally denied everything.

If people do not understand, or let’s say they totally refuse to understand, they force me to remind them: „That there are people in this world who really would love to have your bad days.“

Do you know these arrogant people with their ignorant attitude in their privileged situation? The ones who pretend to know everything to solve the world’s biggest problems. These contradictive people make me sick!

I do not know why people do not appreciate life while others are trapped in power struggle simply to survive? I do not know why people always blame others for their sickness. And I truly do not know why people in good situation telling me that they suffer

or that life isn’t good to them

or what..

what …


And at the same time they already have everything they need.

The more you have the more you suffer. Is it like that?

Working with KIDS in Kenya and supporting their survival will be always a challenge. It brings me sometimes to a situation where I ask myself : What the hell I am doing? … and often to a situation where I meet people telling me „You have such a good life in Germany, Sarah, and anyway you can‘t change the world. So better you enjoy your life here in peace instead of risking it in poverty …“

Sure that’s true, I could do it, BUT it wont fulfill my life. As long as KIDS are fighting to survive I will fight with them and stand with them.

Imagine, in the 21st century mankind are not even close to a fair living.

Such as access to clean drinking water for everyone is still too far from imagination.

The Kiaragana Children Home made a big step as we connected it to water. Since 2 years we have tap water BUT still not getting it properly. Frequently for weeks not even a drop is reaching our tap.

And then.


The weird loud noise is coming up through the pipe and everyone knows, specially KIDS, that water is on its way. Still, we have a very poor water supply. Still, we are carrying water from the river in our home ‚coz corruption means stagnation.

So please check your status constantly!

They say that in life you should be the only person who decides what is wrong and what is right for you.

But maybe one day you can’t even say whether its right or wrong because you are completely confused.

But hey…

That is not the end of the story, right?!

This is called life.

So, if you reach this different feeling you’ve never had before – make sure – double sure – you have someone on your side who tries hard to understand and helps you to get through it. Together things are possible!

You wanna know about my strength?! My friends!

You see, a friend is someone who you can trust more than 100 percent because you get the honesty and the love. And that goes out to my real friends, my homies, my brothers and sisters. Because they are the ones who lift me up every day. They are the ones who give me the creativity and the strength to keep on moving. I am so much more me when I am with them.

And people still asking me: „Sarah, when do you finally move to Kenya. All those years.. All those travels..?!“

I constantly answer the same: „It might be a bit incomprehensible for you but in my world I will never leave my friends. To leave my hometown forever will break my heart and it doesn’t make any sense to me at all.“

I love my friends and I love my creative base called Lübeck. To do strong things you need a strong foundation, right!?

Thanks to all my positive people out there.

Thanks for the inspiring summer 2016 here at the Baltic Sea.

Those days will be always in my mind and no one can take it away from me. These incredible memories are proving that my people are the good people. I do with them the craziest stuff to feel alive.

That is why.

I will continue traveling and living in two so different worlds which sometimes makes me wonder how it can exist on the same planet at the same time.

Thank you for being what you are: real.

Cut the negativ bullshit out of your life! Keep it up, be humble and let love rule <3

C ya in December and do not forget to smile because it fits you soooooo perfectly 🙂

So, Mr. Moe are you ready for takeoff?!

Let’s do this!