English Summary


KIDS Kenia is a German based non-profit organization with its goal to collect donations and support KIDS in Embu County, Kenya. Together with our local partner Mwireri Women Group we jointly run the Kiaragana Children Home near Runyenjes as well as an Outside Project out of the Home which support streetkids to find their way back on track.The Kiaragana Children Home is an home for streetchildren at the foot of the Mount Kenya which currently accommodates 27 children from different family backgrounds. These KIDS are lovingly cared for by seven local employees of the children’s home and who act as replacement parents for these KIDS.

With funds provided by KIDS Kenia e.V. Germany all expenses for the maintenance of the Kiaragana Children Home are paid for. This covers f.e.: Food, Clothing, School Uniforms, Health Care, School Tuition, Toys, Salary for the employees etc… We fully support the centre since the year 2006.

The „Outside Program“ called Tuko Pamoja Sasa was initiated by KIDS Kenia e.V. Germany, together with Kenya Partner Youth Awake. The projects main objectives is to offer education opportunites orphaned and vulnerable children and youth, through support from lower primary school to universities. We currently supports 25 children and youth in this Program and has seen some through university and colleges successfully.

Because a good education is the first step to a better and dignified future and for most KIDS the only way out of the poverty trap.