Water is an Human Right!

von sarah.mwende


And then the moment where you wait at the river with little children.

In line to fill your 20 ltr Mutungi (canister).

Reminding yourself that water is an Human Right. But for which humans?!

Obviously not for those little ones around me …

Deeply moved I would like to ask: Do you think that water is an Human Right?

I do.

But some people don’t.

And others are denying little children the access to clean water due to their greed and their lack of humanity!

Maybe they try to scare us with their power of destruction and their privatization of water.

But you know what Mrs and Mr Hypocrite:

We will never fear you.

Because fear makes us weak and weakness we simply can’t afford. We need strength to go to the river to carry water home. And we are so much stronger than you with your wickedness.

We really would like to ask: Have you ever carried your daily consumption of water? We bet, you never had and you do not have any idea how it feels. Most likely, you really do not care about it.

We are sending our little message to those who are responsible:

We will never give in.

Our love for life is so much stronger than your greed. Even when it means that we have to go to the river several times each and every day …

we will make it.

Today every one of us has to go five times to get the amount of water to take us through the day.

While others engage themselves in inhumanity and in their corruptive attitude we commit ourselves to saving the lives of innocent little children.

Which side are you on?

Enjoy your daily water wherever you are and whatever you do.