Today is the Humans Rights Day

Today is the Humans Rights Day. A day of courage …

Just a little reflection …

They say courage is required to advocate for #HumanRights.

Because to educate the next generation and to fight for their rights attracts greedy people. And the courage starts here: Can you resist them? Can you endure it?

This charity sector has also become a big business for the greedy. For the fat man. In many areas it is not meant for the needy anymore.

And this is just a part of my story.

To stand up for human rights becomes also more and more a fashion.

But fashion is always temporary, right?!

Not permanent.

In fact it is superficial and always only a hype. It will go after some time. But our world really demands a permanent commitment to the disadvantaged, not only a trend.

They spent millions over millions for the poor and needy. But let me ask you, have you seen a change so far? A betterment for the youth who are suffering out there? A perspective for the next generation? The future?

Where are all those millions?

In the pockets of the greedy?

I am sure the future will judge you.

Ok, on a day like today – Humans Rights Day – so many people talk about Human Rights and it’s meaning. But how many people really do act? How many people really do care? And I mean not only today, even tomorrow?

How many people have the courage and the staying power to do the unpleasant ground work?

Walk your talk!

If you really want to advocate for Human Rights just make one thing very clear:

Support strictly the needy and not the greedy!

That organized hypocrisy has to come to an end.

Check your status and the project you want to support financially. There are really good projects out there. Make sure you dont feed the greedy.

Ok, my role might be small but at least I make a change. Since I have that strong commitment to work strictly for the needy with determination and staying power.

How much courage do you have?

I wish you all a peaceful and reflective week ahead. What ever you do and wherever you are.


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