Every Child Matters

KIDS Kenia - Blog - We are literally saving lives because every child matters! Sarah.Mwende

von sarah.mwende

Everyone shall play it’s part in preventing child abuse.


That’s only my opinion.

But how about yours?!

What I see is that people are still hurting little children very easily.

It sounds like a child’s play to them.

Specially when it comes to children I work with it seems that those monsters (pls let me call them that) really do like to torture them. Maybe they feel alive when they rape or beat them just to compensate their own pain.

I really do not know.

But, I think I can never understand them.

And when I accompany my KIDS to the court to meet the needs I can deeply feel the pain they have. Because they are always shaking so much when they are confronted with the ones who give them this injury which will never disappear.

Would you endure it?

These are really bad stories – but truly – very good KIDS!

I do wish that more people at least try to save the lives of innocent children. Because to smile and to breath with them gives you more strength, more character and more happiness you ever can imagine.

This is what I can promise you.

Hopefully one day you will also meet someone who pushes you from below to be at your best, like giving you a boost to reach higher grounds. You might be irritated because you never expected it. But relax, smile and get yourself ready to keep it tide and use the energy to move on for the good. Do the right thing!

We are literally saving lives because every child matters!

Let Love Rule <3

…because of the children!