Do yu have a home?

Do you have a home? Blog Sarah Stracke KIDS Kenia ...because of the children!

.. am just writing my weekly report and there is one question I wanna ask you.

Do yu have a home?

I mean a place where you feel safe. Comfortable. A place where you have something to eat? To drink? Where you can take a shower or a bath? Where you have a bed and where you just can pull off your socks …

If you have a place like that – please, be appreciated.

Because that is fine.

You are fine.

You are ok.

You are safe.

You have the basics for living. For dignity. Don’t focus so much on yourself. Just go on. You are already privileged. You do not count in this.

The ones who do count we find in the streets. In the toilets. Aged 3 or two and a half. Toddlers. Younger or older. Many of them. KIDS without any home. Nor any identity.

The ones who do count are the ones who do not exist officially. Who are living outside any statistic.

But you know what, they have a strong will to survive. But to me life should be about more than just surviving. Its about protection and care. Its about dignity.

Its about rights – Human Rights!

I am volunteering for more than a decade now for the little needy children. And surly, a lot has changed. People often see me as a miracle. They say I am so special. They think that I do supernatural things.

But you know what, I just do what humans should do: I act human!

That is all and that is the truth.

It is not special. It is not a miracle. Furthermore I see it as my obligation not to ignore the needy, not to ignore the brutality they are facing every day, every minute.

I always ask myself how people who are responsible for it could find sleep at night.

In the end it is all about „turning the page or just closing the book“ – every day you have the choice between it. Choose wisely!

My story has not ended up yet.

I am not ready to close the book.

Since that story needs to be told.

Every page. Every sentence. Every single word. Every day!

Nor rules neither regulations protect us.

People do.

We do.

And that is what we are doing. We build an home. For little Kids. For the needy. For the ones who do not have any.

We restore dignity.

We can’t rely on words!

We can’t wait for somebody else to get it right.

We are the ones. We have to do it ourselves. We are the voices of the unheard.

And in case you get inspired you are most welcome to support us.

Let Love Rule <3

..because of the children!

Get ready for the next chapter.