Another two months journey…

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von sarah.mwende

Another two months journey is almost over.

A journey where I really ask myself: Don’t we deserve better?

I am here in Nairobi – Downtown – the nervous city that always inspires me so deeply and I am just reflecting, just reasoning, just listing to music while waiting for my transport to the airport …

I think about decisions.

Decisions have to be made, right?!

And they say it needs strong people to make right decisions.

And this is how I do.

For several years now I am fighting for human rights. For the right to life, for the right to a legal identity and of course for the right to education. But still people fighting me and trying to stop me from the work I am doing.

They don’t want me to advocate for children’s rights.

I don’t know about their inhuman agenda,

but I know that some people can cross your way and change your whole direction.

To me the direction doesn’t matter as long as you never loose the right path.

So, the only thing I can say: Nice try! But your corruptive mind can never turn me into someone else.

Because I have already experienced if you want to save lives you need to take a lot of decisions which are often so emotionally wounded.

And further

I know that strong people have to take the pain because the little children need someone who protect them from the evil people.

In case you find yourself not knowing about picking right from wrong you should better ask your heart? Has it ever spoken wrong to you?!

The decision is set!

I will never stop telling the stories of the innocent ´coz telling these stories matters and they should have a voice.

They can’t remain untold!

My respect to all the human rights activists out there – I salute you because you are the ones we really can rely on.

Are you ready to join us? Make a decision 🙂

I am thankful and very happy to meet my friends soon.
Thanks for your love and your support!

Ready for Take Off.